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Our district is facing financial trouble this year (who isn't?) and the =
district admin. has decided to cut one media specialist position.  Right =
now we have (1) district media supervisor, (1) in  sr. high, (1) in middle =
school gr. 6-8, (1) in intermediate school gr. 3-5,  and (2) in primary =
schools K-2-- one building's is preptime provider, other is not.
We have always had a person at the district level who did ordering of =
books and equipment, trained other media staff on AV and computer apps , =
was liaison with Winnebago with circ/cat problems, assisted building =
people with troubleshooting equipment,  supervised clerical staff who =
processed books, ordered videos, processed  AV previews, etc.  Also is =
nominally in charge of the district print shop and advocates for media at =
district level.

Dist. admin's choices are  to : eliminate district position, have one =
specialist cover both middle and inter. schools, have one cover both =
primary schools, eliminate high school and have all others each cover =
there one day a week,  have building people divide up district chores.
What is your experience with any of these scenarios?  Any points, positive =
or negative, that we can bring up at our meetings.  (We are being given =
input into the brainstorming, but dist. admin and building principals will =
make final recommendation.)
Thank you for any ideas you can share!

Mary Markes
Media Specialist
Richfield Middle School
Richfield, MN  55423

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