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I got some great news today and I wanted to share and ask a question. Our
school will begin a major renovation this summer and I have been asked for
my “vision” of the best ideas for library renovation. We will be meeting
with the architects next month and I need to have all my ideas together. I
have searched the archives and found numerous “HITS” about renovations,
color, size….and I have a great deal of information form my graduate
classes, but I need some advice about a specific problem my library

My library cannot be expanded out (it is on an outside wall and is
surrounded by classrooms) but it can be expanded up (the majority of the
room is open to the second floor rafters with a mezzanine connecting our
“new” wing <1982> with our “old” wing <1975>). We have been bouncing around
the idea of adding a second floor to the library and I wanted to know if the
LM_NET group had any opinions.

I have searched the archives and found one “HIT” that addresses this
question, but I would like to expand the question. If you have a 2-story
library, what exactly is housed in the second level? How do you handle
security and supervision? I run a “one person” library and do not foresee my
gaining any coworkers in the near future, so I can see supervision as a
major problem.

For those people who work in a 2-story library, what do you see as the major
plusses and minuses of this set up?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO – what do you think about the library office being located on the
second floor overlooking the library below??

I will post a hit if I receive enough information.


Angela Y Northern
Media Specialist
Southwestern Jr/Sr High School
Hanover, IN

***A real friend is one who walks
in when the rest to the world walks out***

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