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Thanks to all the kind folks who sent me ideas for our staff luncheon
holiday skit requirement.  Here are the ideas in case some of you need
to be dramatic during this season.  : )

One year our staff performed that classic Christmas hit "Grandma Got Run

Over by a Reindeer".  It was a hoot and I don't think we offended
We did dress up as farmers and people from the hills.
How about going to puzzlemaker.com and making up a Christmas/Holiday
crossword puzzle. Mount each on a piece of construction paper and attach
candy cane. Have a contest- whoever finishes first, second, and third
gets a
prize ( go to the dollar store). At least you won't have to get up and
How about the 12 days of Christmas, changing the words to parody things
that happen around school:  intercom announcements, habits of teachers
(that they find funny themselves), group characteristics (the 7th
graders were looooouuuuuuddd).
We also have to participate in something of the sort, a Christmas
Some suggestions for you might be jingle bells played on Kazoos or a
skit based on a short scene in a Christmas themed mystery with
"dumb dumb dumb" music.

What about using "Joyful Noise" by Sid Fleischman.  It is poems for two
voices.  When I used it, we dressed up in bee costumes for our poem.


Group participation.  Sung to the tune of Old
MacDonald Had a Farm.

Old Saint Nicholas had a tree - ho ho ho ho ho
And on that tree he had a bell - ho ho ho ho ho
with a jingle jingle here and a jingle jingle there
here a jingle there a jingle everywhere a jingle
Old Siant Nicholas had a tree - ho ho ho ho ho

And on that tree he had a
   star  -  blink blink
   drum  -  boom  boom
   candy cane - yum yum
   angel - la la

We would assign each group one of the items.  You can
use props.  It was fun.

Since you're a librarian - why not "use" it and write an interactive
Christmas story for your staff that involves THEM standing up, making a
certain motion, or etc. whenever they hear certain words.  For example
whenver they hear the word "school" they might have to stand up and yell
_____" (insert school mascot.)  You could use The Night Before Christmas
change it to tidbits about staff and your school.  This would be pretty
(for you...) and that way the other staff will be hooting and
I would advise that you have groups of people in certain sections doing
actions together, that way you only need 4 or 5 action words, you can
them a lot, and your staff will feel more unified in their silliness
of feeling singled out.
How about if you do sort of a charade, act out some titles of holiday
books or songs and give out Seasons Readings bookmarks to the winners.

Try a tandem reading of one of the many parodies of The Night Before
Christmas. There are hundreds available, both in print form and on the
web. If you are good at dialects, James Rice has done several amusing
books--Texas, Prairie, Cowboy versions and has illustrated several
others--Cajun Night Before Christmas by Trosclair,(that one is very
difficult unless you're really good at Cajun dialect!),Sailor's Night
Before Christmas by Kimbra Cutlip, Pennsylvania Dutch Night Before
Christmas by Chet Williamson, etc.
There is even a Teachers Night Before Christmas--a tiny little book by
Sue Carabine (Gibbs-Smith, 1996. ISBN 0-87905-764-5) I bought that one
last year at Waldenbooks for $5.95. In it, Santa's computer crashes and
he can't retrieve his naughty-or-nice list, so he consults the teachers,

who, Mrs. Claus tells him, "can solve any problems."

I Just came back from Branson Missouri - at one of their shows I may
Seen something that you could use - IF you and your assistant could find

another willing person.   Three people put houseslippers on their knees
(making them appear to be shorter), and had sweatshirts on - One with a
one with a "T", and one with an "A".  They lipsinked to "The Chipmonks
Christmas Song".

A couple of years ago, the teachers sang a rendition of Shel
Silverstein's "A Turkey Shot Out of the Oven" (to the tune of "My Bonnie

Lies Over the Ocean").  Judy Freeman sang it at a workshop and the
teachers at my school thought it was great fun.  I think Judy's version
put in a few more words

Diane Averett/Librarian
Kerr-Vance Academy
Henderson, NC

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