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Sorry, it has been brought to my attention that, other than the URL in my=20
signature, I neglected to post the URL for THE READ IN! I apologize:

For complete information and to register to join us: www.readin.org

Thank you for all the requests! We are looking forward to an exciting=20
celebration in May!=20

We have several new authors and are offering your students a unique=20
opportunity to connect with Alejandro Gac Artigas, a 12-year-old Latino=20
author who will answer in both English and Spanish.

We also are offering Cynthia Leitich Smith whose Native American books are=20
sweetly written and beautifully illustrated.=20

We look forward to expanding THE READ IN! this and every year! Join us!

Jane ;-)

Again, here are the authors and just one of his/her books:

1-Andrew Clements- Frindle
2-James Moloney- Bridge from Wiseman=E2=80=99s Cove
3-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor- Shiloh
4-Tim Bowler- Riverboy
5-Fred Bowen- Winners Take All
6-Peter Reynolds- North Star
7-Geoffrey McSkimming- The Cairo Jim series
8-Guy Gilchrist- Night Lights and Pillow Fights
9-Edward Bloor- Tangerine
10-Cynthia LeitichSmith- Rain is Not My Indian Name
11-Ed Emberley- Thumbprints books
12-RL Stine- Locker13 (since I am in it!) ;-)
13-Alejandro Gac-Artigas- Yo, Alejandro
14-Lois Lowry- The Giver
15- Margo Sorenson- Clubhouse Threat
16- Debi McNabb- Debi is an illustrator and environmentalist
17- Bruce Coville- Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
18- Chris Crutcher- Stotan!=20
19- Jim Aylesworth- Shenandoah Noah
20- Bruce Balan- Buoy
21- Jackie French Koller- Mole and Shrew Are Two
22- David Boyd- Face in the Flames
23- Louis Sachar- Holes

Remember: You must register every year to participate. It takes a very few=20
minutes to do so and ensures you will recieve our READ ONLY listserv=20
announcements and news.=20

Don't forget, as of September 15, you will need to reach me through=20
jane@readin.org I will change my LM_NET subsription to reflect that change!

Jane ;-)
Jane Coffey
The Read In Foundation, Inc.
Mark May 16, 2002 on your calendar...and join us! READ! READ!! READ!!!

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