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At 01:40 PM 9/5/01 EDT, Sandi Ploetz wrote:
>        "No liscense (sic) is needed for use of music within classrooms or
>schools. For regular seminars and conferences a  "Music Performance
>Agreement" is required from BMI and costs $100 a year.... followed by a BMI
>contact number"

No. This is public performance unless it is part of a specific lesson. See
_Copyright for schools : a practical guide_ 2nd ed. by Carol Mann Simpson,
p. 34.

>          BTW, this is an internationally known speaker on learning and
>motivation and he directed the audience to even buy his CD ( of music to use
>to motivate in the classroom) and feel free to copy and share it... We
>wouldn't all have to have a copy and it would be OK because he's already paid
>the licensing fee on these tunes.  These are all TOP 40 tunes from the

The speaker is himself violating the copyright laws, since those are
copyrighted works, and he has duplicated them AND changed the format. If,
as he says, he has obtained the rights to make his copies, I suppose that
he could give his work away, but I'm not sure how he has the right to allow
others to copy his cd. I wonder how he would feel if, at his next
presentation, the superintendent of the host school said the school would
buy one copy of the cd and duplicate it for every teacher in the district
and let neighboring districts borrow it so they could do the same. I'm
guessing that he wouldn't like it very well.

Somebody ought to buy this guy a book on copyright, highlight the pertinent
passages, and send it to him.

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