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Thanks to everyone who sent me information.  For those who requested a
hit--here is what I received:

I just did an inservice for my staff - I developed a webpage you might
find useful
Dianne McKenzie
Australian International School
Hong Kong

Try Bernie Dodge's website at the San Diego State University. I think
he's the guy that made webquest a familiar word. Lots of info including
hundreds of examples.
Pat Accorinti, Librarian
Oak Grove High School

Please point out to your teachers that they can make
their own webquest!  I have teachers who find great
web sites and then design their own.  They simply type
them up, giving the web pages they want the students
to use and the questions they want answered (range
from 2 to 5 or 6 pages, depening on the objectives).
Other teachers create their own web pages with their
webquests, but not everyone can do that...
My teachers like doing that because then their kids
will learn exactly what they want them to learn rather
than using a pre-made webquest.
Sharon McLarney

This is my instructional page I share with teachers....lots of good links and
such! Good luck!
Buffy Hamilton

She wrote a webquest about webquests.  Pretty good.
Carolyn Roys

I saw your note on LM_NET about web quests. In my "other life" I'm an
editor for LInworth Publishing and we've just published a brand new book by
Mary Seamon and Eric Leavitt called Web-Based Learning: A Practical Guide
that presents a very nice model for developing web quests. Order details
are at the web site:
Also, in the September issue of Learning and Leading with Technology Bernie
Dodge had a nice short article on creating effective web quests.
Judi Repman

Here's the site where our corporation keeps our hand-out
information for all of our inservices. Webquests are covered in our
intermediate Internet course. Hope this is useful.
Jill Sceifers
Media Specialist

Scroll down until you see the Webquests topic at this site:
Julia Steger, Librarian, Clifton Middle School, Clifton Forge VA

Good luck to all who were also doing workshops!

Kathy Carragher
Media Specialist
Red Bank Regional High School
Little Silver, NJ

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