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Dear Group,

My original request was I have a student who is interested in novels
about basketball. I know a
couple, but she wants more.  She seems perfectly happy reading about
boys, so the gender of the protagonist is unimportant.  All suggestions
welcome.  The third of four responses follows.  Thanks to all who


Counting Coup by Larry Colton is a really popular one here ; it deals
with the girls basketball team on the Crow Reservation in MOntana.
Also, the one by  Kareem Abdul-Jabar (sp?) telling of his time spent
with the White Mountain Apache tribe and working with basketball players
there.  She Got Game (I think) by Cynthia Cooper....another one I can't
keep on the shelf.  Slam is another one--can't remember the author on
that one, sorry.  Please post a hit--basketball novels are BIG with my
students as it is an important sport here.

Some of my students have enjoyed Necessary Hunger. It's a great
basketball story for girls, though I'd only recommend it for mature
highschoolers.  Also, it's not a novel, but the book, In These Girls,
Hope is a Muscle, is outstanding!

My son just read Blue Star Rapture for a book report. You don't mention
age, but I see you're at a high school. This is one you might want to
scan before recommending it...depending on your student body :-). There
is some "language" according to my son. I haven't read it.

Night Hoops by Carl Deuker (very good)
Danger Zone by David Klass (also very good)
Hoops and Slam by Walter Dean Myers

Here are a few off the top of my head!
Chinese Handcuffs (Chris Crutcher)
Players (Joyce Sweeney)
Slam! (Walter Dean Myers)
Night Hoops (Carl Deuker)
Playing Without the Ball: A Novel in Four Quarters (Rich Wallace)

Try Danger Zone by Klass, Night Hoops by Deuker, and Playing without the
ball, (sorry, don't remember the author)

Although this isn't a novel, I think your student might like it  It is
called 'Counting Coup: a True Story of BAsketball and Honor on the
Little Big Horn' by Larry Colton.

Attached is a text file from our library catalog (simple search of
basketball and fiction).   Sorry there aren't summaries for all of them,
but my predecessor didn't do them.  ouch!  Good luck!  If you find any
good bball books with girls, please post a hit. [I edited this

      Cossi, Olga  The magic box     A high school basketball player's
smoking may disqualify her from the big game.

      Deuker, Carl. On the Devil's court

      Draper, Sharon M. Tears of a tiger  The death of high school
basketball star Rob Washington in an automobile accident affects the
lives of his close friend Andy, who was driving the car, and many others
in the school.

     Dygard, Thomas J.  The rebounder   Doug Fulton, coach of the
Hamilton High Panthers, is certain that transfer student Chris Patton
can lead the team to a championship, but a tragic accident has made
Chris decide to never play basketball again.

      Dygard, Thomas J  Tournament upstart  Under the leadership of
their new young coach, a Class B high school basketball team from the
Ozark foothills challenges big-city schools for the state championship.

    Hughes, Monica Hunter in the dark  High school basketball star Mike
Rankin embarks on a wilderness hunting trip and discovers answers to
both his illness and its effect upon his life.

      Marshall, Kirk  Hoops; pressure play

     Myers, Walter Dean.       Slam!

Joanne Shawhan
Library Media Specialist
Cobleskill-Richmondville High School
Cobleskill NY 12043
(518)234-3565 x1151, 1152
(518) 234-9006 (fax)

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