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I am returning from lurkdom while I was involved in my last MLS course to
ask if anyone else has received a magazine sample that is at least soft
pornography addressed to your school or school library.  On Wednesday, Jan.
2 upon returning from our Winter Recess I received the bin of 11 days mail.
Among the magazines was a sample, with a discount order form.  The tile of
the magazine is
Yellow Rat B#$&*#d (replace the symbos for the word).  It seemed to offer
interviews with rap artists.  One areticle listed on the cover in large
letters was "Reviewing Sex Toys". In the second bin of mail there was a
catalog from Yellowratb#$S*&d.com.  The cover of the catalog was a sampling
of covers from the magazine, 2 showed complete frontal nudity.  the address
labels on both the magazine and catalog were to the Pennsville Middle School
and the correct address.  They were routed to me because the attached letter
with each was to Librarian offering the discount subscription.

I did show the principal this material, as students were helping to sort the
mail when I found these items.  The students did not see them first and I
removed them, but there could have been a problem.  Sometimes teachers
volunteer students to assist me, as on this day, and the teacher suggested
the kids help sort the mail.  I go through it and they check off the
magazines received.  I actually do the sorting and they take the piles where
I direct, but they do see the mail.  The material has been destroyed.

Has anyone else received such unsolicited samples?  I should not have been
so surprised to have such items sent to a school, but I was very surprised
and concerned.

Allyson Cogan
Library Media Specialist
Pennsville Middle School
Grades 6, 7, and 8

Has anyone else

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