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I have been reading the frustration e-mails with great interest and, in fact,
envy.  I would love to have teachers that want their kids to check out
anything in the library.  I find I have the reverse situation.  Many of the
teachers want to control everything - what they check out, when they check
out, how many books they can have, what happens when they don't return a
book. ..

I accommodate their requests because initially, I felt it was best to "pick
my battles".  Now, I wonder if I have established a dangerous precedent.  I
recently had a teacher who wanted to dictate when she would reschedule her
library period when she had something come up in her schedule.  I had to draw
the line here with a teacher.  My point was that we are supposed to be
working together, that we have a lateral relationship (i.e., I am not a
servant.).  This teacher actually argued with me that I ought to reschedule
my prep because it was more convenient to her.   Isn't it reasonable for me
to expect a reciprocal amount of professional courtesy?  I try to accommodate
teachers when things come up and reschedule at every opportunity, but must I
be expected to justify when I can't do it?


Christine H. Lopez
Elementary Media Specialist
Lafayette Estates School 25
500 Fords Avenue
Fords, NJ  08863

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