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Rutgers will be offering a series of workshops for school librarians and
teachers this spring, including:

WINNERS! The Best New Books for Children and How to Use Them
Presented by Judy Freeman (choose from three locations around New Jersey)
This is a unique, fun, and incredibly helpful review of the best books
published for K-6 in 2001 with ideas for how to use them in your media
program or classroom.  Attendees, many of whom have been coming back for
18 years, tell us "this is still the best professional day of the
year."  Judy will re-energize you for the rest of the year!

Best Books of the Year for Middle Schoolers and Young Adults
Presented by Bonnie Kunzel (author of _First Contact_), Diana Tixier
Herald (author of _Genreflecting_), and Kimberly Paone
We're doing a new format this year: we'll do middle school in the morning
and YA in the afternoon; you can come to half the day or the whole day.

FLIP IT! A Simple Framework for Inquiry-Based Learning Activities
Presented by Alice Yucht (LM_NET's AliceInfo)
An approach to working with grades 5-12 that previous attendees have
called "great" and "thought-provoking," and a workshop that we're told is
"beyond a high rating."

For details and registration forms, go to
and follow links to spring seminars, or email us at

Karen Novick
Director of Professional Development Studies
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies
Rutgers University

4 Huntington Street, New Brunswick, NJ  08901-1071
Phone:  732-932-7169
Fax:  732-932-9314

Visit our website at

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