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Hi  ...

I have temporarily placed on my Web space a bibliography related to banking
and economics (mostly banking and investing).  The URL is .  It is the bibliography from a
draft paper related to public investment (a paper that might or might not
ever appear).  I thought the bibliography, which includes many Web links,
might be of some use for high school classes in economics or business,
maybe even government, and perhaps a useful reference for librarians who
might have to field questions on such matters or find reliable sources.
(It might be even more useful for some college classes.)  Feel free to
download the list for your own use, if you believe it to be of value.

Unfortunately, many of the most valuable sites are far from
self-explanatory (FDIC, Comptroller of the Currency, and much that is at
the Federal Reserve's site, for example), but they reward exploration for
those interested in the subject matter.

As a general comment, these sorts of resources further illustrate just how
embedded the Internet (esp. its Worldwide Web face) is becoming in the
dissemination of serious, valuable, and current data.  A few years ago
these data resources were difficult to obtain at best, if one could even
learn about them.  Some have been made possible, or at least far more
robust, *by* the Internet, the Web, and related programming and data
management techniques.

I would be interested in comments on this bibliography, especially whether
this sort of thing is of value to school librarians.  (I think I can assume
that it would be far more valuable with a lot of annotations and
explanations, but that would be a project in itself.)



P.S. -- and some of you thought all I studied was problems of Velcro

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