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What you all may not know is that not all of the spam that appears to be
coming from AOL is actually from AOL. I used to be a remote staff person for
AOL and know a little bit about how they function. AOL does aggressively
pursue people falsely using their domain name. You don't hear anything back
from AOL, whether it is an actual AOL user or a false one, because of AOL's
privacy policy, but they do take action. Also, as an AOL member, I receive
much more spam from hotmail, yahoo, etc., than I do from other AOL users.


Julie Anderson, Librarian
Liberty High School, Renton, WA       425.837.4901

"Fiction is a lie about the truth." Jane Chambers

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From: cathy tenney [mailto:c_tenney@JACKSON-CENTER.K12.OH.US]
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 9:43 AM
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Since we are on the subject of AOL, I have had a terrible problem with spam
mail with porn content coming from AOL accounts.  At first it started out
with only one once in awhile and now some days there will be 3 or 4
messages.  I always forward the messages to but never to I
get a response.   I use to think one of the advantages of AOL was to avoid
these types of sites but it appears not to be the case because most have
AOL web addresses.

Thanks for allowing me to share my displeasure with AOL

Cathy Tenney, Media Specialist
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