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I have a reply for two articles and thought I would respond in one message.
As to where you can get Bill Nye videos: Walmart usually has a good
selection but you can also order from Disney Videos. I am out of school for
spring break so I do not have my catalog handy but they are definetly
available through Disney.
As for changing AR reading levels: I just went through this (still am
really) when we converted to the new program. Only your newer tests will in
ATOS. Your older tests will stay the same. I went to managment and changed
ALL my tests to ATOS. I don't have an assistant so to save time, as students
check in books, I change the reading levels and put them back on the
shelves. I have made teachers aware of this too so they know to look at the
computer tests list if they have a question about the correct level until I
can get them all complete. When I have a parent volunteer come in, I have
them help me update levels. It really hasn't been bad at all. I'm even color
coding mine with dots as I change the reading level. The kids really like it
much better because they don't have to look at every book to figure out
which ones are in their level.
Hope this helps.
Susan Titus
Dixon Middle School
Holly Ridge, NC

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