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I received this request and thought I would pass it on and show kids the
great power of the internet. Reply if you can
We are in Mrs. Lentz's Computer
Class at Clara Bolen Elementary in Tawas City, MI.
We are doing an experiment for the art and science fair to
be held in April at our school. We are trying to see where our email can
travel in the space of one month. We will keep track of how many
emails we get and from which cities, states and countries. We are
hoping that you will be willing to help us in our project. There are just
simple steps that will allow us to track this email.
1. Please send an email containing your city, state, and country to . You do not need
to include your name. Please only respond one time.
2. Forward this letter to as many people as you possibly can. We
are going to keep track of actual numbers of responses from
individual cities, so send it even to those that live in the same
We have decided to only do the tracking for 1 month. We have chosen
the month of March so that we can get the data ready for the
fair April. If you receive this email in April, please do not
bother to respond, our project will have already ended. Thank you for
participation in our experiment. We can't wait to start receiving
those emails!

We will post the results on the Tawas Area School web site if you are interested in viewing them.

Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins High School
Only the mediocre man is always at his best-- Somerset Maugham

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