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The virus Peter mentioned earlier has a misleading SUBJECT line which reads:

"Internet Security Update"

The attachment is Q216309.exe

Obviously, the subject line is going to pique the interest of many who
think it's a solution, not the problem! As with any other e-mail (unless
you are expecting it) with an exe. attachment, DON'T open the attachment.
Delete the letter and empty trash.

This particular virus is definitely a concern - a major governmental agency
in the Los Angeles area issued a warning to its employees this week about
it. If you haven't checked out the website Peter posted, do so.

Some simple things we can ALL do to slow down the spread of viruses:

If you are sending an attachment, type in "Attachment enclosed" at the TOP
of body of your e-mail, above the salutation, so that recipients will KNOW
you intended to send it. Many of us have software that allows us to preview
the letter and the top line will be visible in the preview. We should
strive to make this one of the "e-mail protocols" from now on. Share this
idea with your friends & co-workers.

Clean out your address register regularly. Eliminate addresses of names you
won't use again. Some viruses replicate by using your address list, so the
fewer names, the slower the replication cycle. Encourage others to do the

Update your virus protection frequently - once a week is not too often to
down-load upgrades, and run frequent checks.

We might even want to consider getting an additional "web and e-mail only"
appliance and using that for our main Internet and mail uses. They are so
cheap (less than $100 + a monthly fee of about $10) and certainly might
make sense to use them instead of exposing our high-end computers to

Another option:
Last year I opted to go to a "No Mail" status although I remain an LM_Net
member. I no longer receive all the e-mails direct - I check the website
( listings
daily and just read the listings that interest me. This way I am not
exposed to viruses, and don't overload my computer with excessive postings.
You might want to consider this as well. The drawback is that postings do
not appear on the site immediately; they are updated throughout the day.
Sometimes the evening's postings don't appear there until the next morning.
This isn't usually a problem, we just need to be patient. . . !

"Opinions expressed are my own and may not represent those of my employer."

Joanne Ladewig, Library Aide
Lawrence Elementary, G.G.U.S.D.
Garden Grove, California

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