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I had the pleasure of attending an IMAX performance last night about the
basketball great, Michael Jordan. I was inspired by his story of
determination and his relentless work ethic. As some of you may know -
he tried out for his high school basketball team and did not make the
team. He went on to say that this cut him so deeply that he was
determined not to not let it happen again. He went on to lead the North
Carolina Tar Heels to national championships and the Chicago Bulls to
six National titles. He was the MVP of each championship.

I remember reading an article not long ago about other famous people who
overcame great odds and disappointments and went on to do amazing
things. It mentioned, for example, that Albert Einstein had failed many
subjects in school, and it mentioned Michael Jordan. I would be
interested in using something like this in the library. My school is big
on developing character education and I think that a display with books,
quotes, etc. on personal success stories would tie in nicely to these
objectives of responsibility, hard work, etc.

Has anyone read this article? Does anyone have any more ideas of
individuals who would fit into this category?  If so, I would really
appreciate hearing from you.

Sharon L. Bush
LMS intern
Ramsdell Elementary School

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