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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Darlene A Yasick wrote:
> Please don't send any more emails to the Tawas City  computer class. I
> checked their website yesterday morning to see how the experiment was
> going and discovered that it had been terminated-- my guess would be
> they were inundated with emails -

It is really a good idea nto to participate in chain e-mail of any kind.
These sorts of projects have a way of replicating themselves forever,
long, long past the intended life of the project. For that reason LM_NET
has asked that members NOT post certain types of messages to the group.

9. Commercial messages, chain letters, virus warnings, stumpers etc.

   Chain letters or messages requesting mass mailings to other addresses
   are strictly forbidden. So are unsolicited commercial postings (plus
   notices about the "Craig Shergold postcard request" or the "Good Times
   Computer Virus"-- old Internet legends.) Please review our Frequently
   Asked Questions (FAQ), on the LM_NET Web page before asking "stumper"
   questions (i.e., for the three -gry ending words), or posting
   undocumented virus alerts.

   If in doubt, please check with one of the LM_NET owners before posting
   "alarming" warnings or "stumpers" to the group.
   Owners: or

Glad to have you with us on LM_NET!

Peter Milbury, Co-Moderator of LM_NET
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