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Hello all -
Someone requested a hit from the request I made (which follows).

We are revamping our magazine collection for our library children's
department.  We plan on ordering Nickelodeon, Mailbox Primary and
Intermediate, Pack O Fun, and Bookbag.  We already have American Girl,
Beckett Baseball, Beckett Basketball, Cobblestone, Calliope, Boys' Life,
Cricket, Faces, Highlights, Kid's Discover, Ladybug, New Moon, National
Geographic World, Nintendo Power, Odyssey, Owl,Ranger Rick, Seseme Street,
Spider, Sports Illustrated Kids, Our Big Back Yard, Copycat, Instructor,
Booklinks, Building Blocks and Acorn.
The children's department serves children from birth through grade five.
Can anyone think of any other magazines that we should have for kids?  We
want to order stuff that is more likely to circulate.

Below, are the titles suggested.  Thanks to everyone who responded!

My fourth and fifth grade girls like Discovery Girls.
My big circulators are: Sports Illus for Kids,  National Geographic World
(National Geographic is too hard for our studentsand little interest),
Nickelodeon, Boys Life, American Girl, Disney Adventures, Girls Life, Cat
Fancy, Dog Fancy ( can't read but huge interest).  We also get most of what
you get.
We just started a subscription to Soccer,Jr. It only comes out bimonthly but
our fourth thfrough sixth grader really like it.
Titles that were suggested to me for a K-5 library included many you have
listed, plus these:
Click, Appleseed, Ask!, Boys Quest, Chickadee, Hopscotch, Zoobooks
My students love DISNEY ADVENTURES
Does your state have a magazine?
We have Kansas Kids....
My kids love Zoobooks, and Soccer Jr. ( Soccer Jr is in my grades 2-5
school, while Zoobooks is in the K-1, and 2-5 schools). My grades 4& 5 Girls
love Girls Life. I don't have any issues to put in storage (we are supposed
to store for 5 years) because they are so well used they have fallen apart!
My boys LOVE BMX Plus.
This magazine is only about bicycle riding. Advertisements are only bicycle
parts--no skimply dressed females!
I recently ordered Horsepower, it is popular. (I got a notice that it is
being combined with another horse magazine).

Thanks again!

Natalie Clark
Children's Library
Johnson County Public Library
Franklin, IN

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