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From the perspective of a current MLIS student:

I wholeheartedly agree that the point of such assignments is to do the
research, actually learn how to do searches for information and to find
good sources that will serve as guides in the future.  We don't know how
much other research the student did, but either way, LM_Net is meant to
be a resource for the profession--even to students!

I asked a question on LM_Net last semester because it was part of an
assignment.  The assignment was to explore LM_Net as a resource of
information and hear what other colleagues had to say.  Once several of
my other classmates started to post here and other places, there was a
backlash against MLIS students and their asking of questions.  Whether
directed here as an assignment or if we come here on our own, we're on
LM_Net as a resource--the same as you.  However, at times the list feels
very cliquey and alienates MLIS students.  Just because we don't have
the degree yet, doesn't mean our questions aren't valid.
We're trying to get into the profession and learn how to be good
librarians.  Please try to be kind and give us guidance. Maybe that's
all the censorship student needed.

Thanks for listening.

Beth Jungerbeg
Media Assistant Plymouth Middle School
MLIS Student St. Catherine's/Dominican University

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