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American Memory Teaching and learning with =
primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the =
United States.

Best of History Web Sites A portal =
created for students, history educators and general history enthusiasts =
on a wide variety of topics and periods in history.

 Digital Classroom =
Reproducible copies of primary documents from the holdings of the =
National Archives of the United States, teaching activities correlated =
to the National History Standards and National Standards for Civics and =
Government, and cross-curricular connections.

 EDSITEment -- History & Social Studies = Annotated list =
of teaching resources available through government, nonprofit and =
commercial entities.

 History/Social Studies web site for teachers = The major purpose of this =
extensive site is to begin the task of making the use of the Internet =
easier for busy social studies teachers and to encourage the use of the =
World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching. The documents, =
links, and text files listed in the various categories should provide =
some help for classroom teachers (especially at the Middle School and =
Secondary level) in locating and using the resources of the Internet in =
the classroom.=20

Social Studies (AskERIC) = Annotated =
list of resources, including lesson plans, internet sites, listservs, =
and organizations.

 Behavioral/Social Sciences (MCREL) =

 Civics (MCREL)

 Economics (MCREL)

 Geography (MCREL)

History (MCREL) Lesson =
plans, curriculum and other resources.

 Social Studies Department (NWREL) = Annotated list of =

 Social Sciences (ODE) =
Includes content standards, performance standards, and other educator =

 Social Science Teacher Resources (ODE) = Resources for =
civics, history, geography, economics, electronic democracy, and other =


Aaron Shepard's RT Page Scripts and tips for =
Reader's Theater.

 Children's Literature Web Guide =
Internet resources related to books for children  and young adults.

EDSITEment - Literature & Language Arts = Annotated lists =
of lesson plans and web sites.

Poetry 180: a Poem a Day for American High Schools = A poem a day provided by the Library of =
Congress and Billy Collins, poet laureate of the United States, one for =
each of the 180 days of the school year.  Includes tips on reading =
poetry out loud.

SCORE (Schools of California On-Line Resources For Education) = SCORE Language Arts links =
quality, classroom-ready resources from the World Wide Web to the =
California curriculum frameworks.=20

Teaching Ideas Practical teaching ideas on =
ESL, journalism, literature, reading, technology, writing, and =

Web English Teacher A collection of =
language arts resources, including "lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, =
biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom =

Language Arts (AskERIC) = Annotated =
list of  resources, including lesson plans, internet sites, listservs, =
and organizations.

 Language Arts (MCREL) Lesson =
plans, curriculum and other resources.

 Language Arts Department (NWREL) = Annotated list of =

English/Language Arts  (ODE) =
Content and performance standards and other educator resources.

English/Language Arts Teacher Resources (ODE) = Annotated list of =

English/Language Arts (OPEN) =
Includes Oregon Authors Project, Practice Scoring Writing, Speaking =
Assessment, Work Sample Requirements.

AskERIC AskERIC provides internet-based education =
information, including question & answer service, resource collections =
on a wide variety of education issues, lesson plan archives, and =
listserv archives.=20

Blue Web'n An online =
library of 1200+ outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, =
grade level, and format (lessons, activities, projects, resources, =
references, & tools).=20

CascadeLink's Educational Resources = Teacher Tools includes links =
to resources in these categories:  CIM/CAM, General Education, Lesson =
Plans, ESL, Elementary Link, Families, Home Schooling, Lesson Plans, =
Middle and High School Links, Special Education, Standards, School =
Reform, =20

Teachers & Technology. Edsitement - The Best of the Humanities on the =
Web Online resources and lesson plans for art =
& culture, literature & language arts, foreign languages, and history & =
social science.

EducationWorld Resources for educators =
grouped by topic.

ERIC -- Educational Resources Information Center =
Access to the ERIC database and the services and resources provided by =
the 16 subject-specific clearinghouses and other ERIC components.

The Gateway to Educational Materials Access =
to thousands of educational resources, including lesson plans, =
activities, and projects found on various federal, state, university, =
non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

Internet Public Library Resources include lists by =
subject, reference center, reading collection of online books, =
periodicals, and newspapers, searching tools, youth collections and =
special collections.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators = A categorized list of sites =
useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth.

Library in the Sky A searchable database of =
interesting and useful education web sites for those involved in =

Librarians Index to the Internet A searchable, =
annotated subject directory of more than 10,000 Internet resources.

MarcoPolo: Internet Content for the Classroom = Includes standards-based lesson =
plans, student activities, reviewed web sites and other resources.

McREL Lesson Plans =
Organized by curriculum area, includes links to curriculum resources, =
activities and lesson plan resources. =20

ODE Curriculum Resources

OPEN Curriculum Resources =
Resources in specific content areas, including content standards and a =
variety of content related projects.

OSLIS - Oregon School Library Information System = Includes web resources and tutorials for K-12 =
educators and students.

Surf Report (Wisconsin Educational Communications Board) = Monthly list of educational web sites, =
organized by curriculum area. Past reports are available, either alpha =
by topic or organized by curriculum area.

The WebQuest Page Examples and resources to =
support inquiry-based learning using information located on the web.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Teaching materials =
for math and science topics.  Includes curriculum resources, web links, =
professional development, and other topics.

Illuminations Illuminating a =
new vision for school mathematics, based on NCTM's principles and =
standards for school mathematics

The Math Forum: Teacher's Place =
Comprehensive resources for math teachers at all levels.=20

New Math Teachers' Page = Includes: how to =
start making connections, multicultural mathematics, best problem of the =
month,  resources for new math teachers, classroom management, great =
sites for math teachers, and more.=20

Pathways to School Improvement: Mathematics and Science = Includes locating, using, =
and integrating internet-based mathematics materials, providing =
hands-on, minds-on, and authentic learning experiences in mathematics, =
aligning and articulating standards across the curriculum, and more.=20

Mathematics (AskERIC) = Annotated =
list of resources including lesson plans, internet sites, listservs, and =

Mathematics (MCREL) Lesson =
plans, curriculum and other resources.

Math Department (NWREL) = Annotated list of =

Mathematics (ODE) Includes =
current content standards,  performance standards, and grade-level =

Mathematics Teacher Resources (ODE) = Annotated list of =

Mathematics (OPEN) Includes =
Content Standards, Practice Scoring, Math Problem Solving, and Work =
Sample Requirements.

 Second Languages (World Languages)

EDSITEment - Foreign Language = Annotated lists =
of lesson plans and web sites.

Internet activities for Foreign Language Classes = Internet-based lesson plans for foreign =
language classes.

 National Foreign Language Resource Center = A resource for foreign language =
teaching strategies, language testing, and curriculum development.

WWW Resources for Language Teachers = General and =
language-specific resources, from the Foreign Language Teaching Forum.=20

 Foreign Language (AskERIC) = =
Annotated list of resources, including lesson plans, internet sites, =
listservs, and organizations.

Foreign Language (MCREL) =
Lesson plans, curriculum and other resources.

Foreign Languages Department  (NWREL) = Annotated list of =

Second Languages (World Languages) (ODE) = Includes content standards, =
performance standards and other resources.

Second Languages (World Languages) Teachers Resources (ODE) =




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