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Perhaps before we want to do that we want to make sure that none of our students 
who are currently receiving a free or reduced lunch are inelgible to do so.  An 
article indicating that 27% or 1/4th of our students who are currently receiving 
these funds are actually ineligible.

This article goes on to say that the government could have spent 1.8 billion 
dollars last year for students who did not meet the guidelines.  If this is true, 
then I wonder how many schools that applied for the Laura Bush Foundation grant 
really had a lower percent than what was reported.  I understand the figures that 
were used came from the school itself but it just makes you wonder how many were 
indeed accurate.

Judy Gardner
Library/Media Specialist
Lebanon High School
Lebanon, PA
VRD Information Network Specialist

Phalbe Henriksen <phenriksen@NEFLIN.ORG> wrote:

>Yeah, but wouldn't it be a nice lesson for the students to learn if
>someone stood before them at the beginning of each school year and said
>something like "If all of you who qualify for free/reduced lunches will
>apply, the _______ (fill in the blank) will be able to buy x number of
>________ (fill in the blank). If only y% of you apply, we'll be able to
>buy only z (reduced number). I think it would be a good lesson in civics
>and teach the students that there's a direct connection between their
>actions (willingness to comply) and the number of computers in the
>media/LRC/lab/library (or whatever).
>For those of you in rural communities, did you know that the E-rate
>applies to rural hospitals, too? So the hospitals depend on that
>free/reduced lunch percentage, too. Quality of medical care depends on
>the number of students who apply/qualify for free/reduced lunches.
>Interesting, isn't it?
>(P.S. Not to mention being a good civics lesson for classroom teachers.)
>Phalbe Henriksen


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