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Thanks to all of you who sent me suggestions.  Unfortunately the interview
had to be postponed for a couple of weeks.  I will try to post another
response to let you know which questions I was asked.

Several of you asked for a hit.  So here goes:

Let the principal know how recent studies indicate that school librarians,
supported by a healthy budget, a full-time professional librarian, and an
assistant have significantly positive effects on student achievement. If you
intend to fully integrate information skills within the curriculum by
collaborating with teachers, let the principal know this.

Standards are very important in RI, collaboration, reader's and writing
workshop also.  So, I needed to consider ways I could support those items
thru the library program. Try to find ways to connect to the classroom
curriculum.  I would highlight how you see yourself making the library
program integral. Since reading is so important, I would talk about how as
the librarian we usually read hundreds of reviews and generally know what's
the best that's out there and can provide teachers with great read aloud
selections, ideas for author studies, our school does a lot with character
development, interesting language, ect (writing traits) so I really try to
locate books that will meet those needs for the classroom teacher who really
doesn't have time.

I suggest you be well prepared to explain what you do to teach information
literacy skills beginning in preschool. Where is your portfolio?  What kind
of activities and lessons does it display?
Have you ever looked at Ellen Jay's books?  Things on differentiation, use of
computer software, critical thinking?

You might want to think about a mini lesson.  The principals in our district
ask what would make a perfect lesson.  I said something about collaboration,
meeting standards, engaging students, using technology, etc.  I would take a
book or two with me that I had prepared a "mini" lesson.  A question I would
ASK, if given the opportunity to do so, would be what his/her vision is for
the media center.

I have the 10 questions they asked me, a few I made up (or found) to ask
them, and a list of questions that came from one of the sessions at the TLA
(Texas Library Association) Conference just a few weeks.  I hope they'll

1.  Tell us about yourself.
2.  Why would you like to be a librarian?
3.  What qualities do you feel are necessary to have when working with
4.  What kind of atmosphere would you like your library to have?
5.  Describe the routine and strategies you feel are necessary to promote a
smooth-running library.
6.  What do you feel like are the 3 most important qualities of a good
7.  What do you think your greatest strength as a librarian would be?
8.  We have block scheduling for library classes, are you familiar with block
vs. open scheduling?  Which do you think you would be more comfortable
9.  Rate your computer skills on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most
skilled.  What programs are you comfortable using?
10. What would you look for when you select materials for the LRC?  What
would you use?  Resources or selection tools?

The sample interview questions are at .  Go to the conference
information and you'll find e-handouts.  There is one about choosing the
right person.  There is something in that called "Sample Interview Questions
- School Librarian.  If you have any problems getting to it, let me know.
I'll just type it and send it if you need me to.

I asked these:
Do students checkin/out there own books?
Is Accelerated Reader (AR) a big or small focus?  How do students choose
books - teacher choice, 5-finger rule, etc.?
Will I be on curriculum committees?
What are the expectations of the administration?  the  teachers?
Will I be able to present staff developments (ex. Big6 skills, copyright,
etc.)?  Meet with grade level teams?
Are there any school-wide programs (discipline, character, etc.) that I need
to be aware of?
Do magazines circulate?
Do I have an aide, parent volunteer, student volunteer to assist with
shelving books?

What I do/like  about elementary:
I see the same classes every week and get to know the kids, as well as
reading a sequential series of stories or chapters from a book.
I help them find books that they'd enjoy checking out for a week.
I show or booktalk (quick summaries) specific topics that teachers have
requested (book reports about a story with a strong main character,
biographies, fantasies, historical fiction--try to find something at their
grade level).
I provide teachers with fict. and nonfict. books to use to support their
When they are doing a report about animals, I help them use a beginners ency.
and find books to look up info.

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