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Our 6th graders final goal is a mystery.  They put the numbers 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 in envelopes.  On the final day (I think that is May
16th), they will pick an envelope, and that will be the goal.  If they
choose a 1, and everyone has 1 point, everyone makes their goal.  If it's
an 8, you better have 8 points!  Anyway, they have also told the kids
that since this is their last shot at the books on our shelves, they can
choose ANY of them they want to!  It's absolutely amazing to see the kids
ENJOY reading again.  Dont' get me wrong, I think AR is a good program.
And in order to be a better reader, then you need to read harder and more
challenging books.  They don't get to choose the level of books they read
in social studies or science, so when it comes to teaching reading, I
agree with choosing the challenging books.  It's just fun to see them
enjoy reading for fun, though.  They are reading Junie B. Jones, and
Boxcar children, and Magic Tree House.  My 6th grade daughter actually
came home from the dance Friday night and READ A BOOK!  ON A FRIDAY
NIGHT!!!  The kids are even giggling when they check out a book.  It's a
fun way to end our year!

Raynette Schulte
Lincoln School Librarian
Watertown, SD

"To every complex situation, there is a simple solution.  But it's the
wrong solution."- Anonymous

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