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Hi again Wanda
I read your hit and there are some errors in some of the messages there -
Outlook does access newsgroups and so forth and you can set them up as easy
as in your address book  (and you can also do it in OE)

And I don't believe Outlook is overkill for the home email user at all -
especially if you belong to something like LM_NET. I do all my weekly
curriculum planning on Outlook using the calendar and just linking to the
documents, lesson plans or whatever that I have created already.  For those
who have shifted their thinking away from paper-based diaries, planners etc
it is really good.  You can also customise your personal emails (not
recommended for lists like this) to add stationery, sound and so forth and I
use this feature a lot to send emails to my niece and nephew and a handful
of rather sick kids that I keep in touch with - they love it, especially if
I use a background I have created especially for them about them!

It is an integral part of the Office program so if you are using Word or
Excel or any of the Office suite you also have Outlook installed - it is not
an extra cost on top of the original purchase of Office.

I am NOT a paid (or unpaid) rep of MS - just someone who exploits what's on
offer and knows the product very well.

Barbara Braxton
Palmerston District Primary School

T. 61 2 6205 6162
F. 61 2 6205 7242

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