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Hi everyone,

My Social Studies Department is in shock over the news that World Press
Review will cease publication in mid-April.  If you are unfamiliar with this
monthly magazine, it is a digest of various news stories from newspapers
published around the world (but translated into English).  Each month they
generally have a focus topic with various articles from different
perspectives, but there are also other current events, arts, book reviews,
etc. represented.  Another wonderful feature is the collection of political
cartoons.  The issues that came out after September 11th and also during the
beginning months of the war in Iraq were great eye-openers to our students,
who were able to read first-hand how the media around the world really
viewed these events (rather than how OUR media told us the world was seeing

Anyway, my problem is finding a replacement for WPR.  Our Social Studies
department is HEAVILY into comparative politics and government, specifically
with a focus on China, Russia and the Far East.

My students actually prefer print resources to browse through (and our
computers are limited), so while I appreciate any websites you can suggest,
I am really looking for periodicals suggestions.

By the way, I heard that they will cease publication because of financial
trouble.  I got this news from, which cited the
efined) which posted the news on Tuesday, March 23.  Still, I couldn't find
anything about this on the World Press Review website
(  I am curious whether the website will continue
functioning, and just the print publication is ending, or if everything will
be going away.  The website is also wonderful, and worth checking out.

Thanks for any help you can give me and I will post a hit of responses.  In
the meantime, I am going to try and contact someone at WPR and see what the
status of the website will be.

Michelle Fossum, Librarian
Oakland Catholic HS, Pittsburgh, PA
"The imagination should be allowed a certain
amount of time to browse around."
--Thomas Merton

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