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Can any copyright experts out there tell me whether after-school clubs fall
under the same fair-use copyright exemptions for showing videos that classes
do?  Teachers could argue that these showings are:
        held in classrooms
        part of face-to-face "teaching" activities (Clubs are sponsored by the
school, and advisors are paid to advise them)
        members are students "enrolled" in a particular club.
For example:
         What if our Anime Club wanted to show anime videos like Angel Cop or
Battle Skipper to compare techniques?
         What if our Human Rights club wanted to show Tropical Nights to learn
about abuses abroad?
         What if our Student Government wanted to show Fahrenheit 9/11 to launch a
study of politics?
         What if our French club wanted to show Moulin Rouge to experience the
         What if we had an official Film Club?  Can they show pretty much anything,
as long as there are goals (This month we               examine comedy, next month 
look at science fiction)?

I have the Carol Mann Simpson book, and one by Gary Becker on copyright, but
I'm not finding anything specific about after-school activities.  Maybe they
are a "gray area?"

                        Thanks for any definitive findings you can share!

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