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Until recently I had my oversize books, intershelved with the others.  It
made for some strange occurrences such as: books sticking out and being
knocked onto the floor when students pass the shelves, strange heights for
shelving, etc.

I pulled all of them and decided that I would make a special section just
for Oversize books.  I put this section at the end of the Dewey collection.
I made labels for the shelves and as for height, I chose the tallest book
and accommodated it.  I also put a bright orange dot on the spine.  In my
OPAC I made sure that the LOCATION said OVERSIZE.  All my students seem to
like it.   I have noticed more browsing of shelves since they aren't worried
about bumping into those books that stick out. 

When I worked at the college we had a much larger section of oversize books.
As long as the shelves are labeled and patrons can find them there should be
no problem.  It is easier to accommodate these much fewer books on a few
shelves than to lose out on space in areas where we need it. 

Also, I remember one of my former undergraduate professors really stressing
that books should always be upright- or if they must be on their sides they
should be with the spine down...which then precludes being able to read the
spine label. 

Toni Koontz
St. Charles Preparatory School
Columbus Ohio
Carpe Diem 

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