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Hello. Let's try again.
I was part of a small group of SLM students which had to put together a
short book order. Our group chose Young Adult Fiction (I know--very broad
topic.) After making individual lists, this was the final consensus that we
came up with. (See below.) We were looking for books published between 2002
& 2005.
Heath Hallman
English Teacher, Susquehannock HS
Glen Rock, PA

Bucking the Sarge - Luther helps his mom run a group home for men.  C2004 
Gr. 9-12   259 p. (SLJ 9/04)  (Kirkus 8/04)  (BL 7/04)  (Wilsonís 11/05)

The Earth, My Butt and Other Big, Round Things - Dealing with her weight,
Virginia finally stands up to her family and finds her voice.  c.  2003 Gr.
9-12  246 p. (Wilsonís  10/04)  (SLJ 9/03)  (LMC 2/04)

The First Part Last - A young father struggling to raise a child.  C2003 
Gr. 9-12  147 p.  (SLJ6/03)(BL 9/03)(HB 10/03)

Girls In Pants:  The Third Summer of the Sisterhood - The sisterhood become
a group of young women intent on college.  c.  2005  Gr. 9-12  338 p. (SLJ
10/05)  (VOYA 2/05)  (LMC 3/05) (HB 3/01)

The Losersí Club - Alex, a secret treble who has a knack for understanding
people, becomes a hero to a group of so-called losers in high school. 
C2002  Gr. 9-12 249 p.  (HB 10/03) (VOYA 12/02) (Kliatt 3/03)

A Northern Light - Solving a murder mystery helps bring the narrator into
womanhood.  c. 2003  Gr. 9-12  389 p. (Wilson 10/03)  (BL 5/03) (SLJ 5/03)

Nothing to Lose - Michaelís mother is on trial for the murder of his
abusive step-father.  C2005  Gr. 9-12 p. 277       (BL 3/04) (SLJ 3/04)
(Kirkus 2/04) (Wilson 10/04)

Prom - Ashley has to save the prom after the funds go missing - even though
she hates the hypocrisies of high school.  c.  2005  Gr. 9-12  215 p. (SLJ
2/05)  (HB 10/05)  (BL 1/05)

Scorpia:  Alex Rider Series #5 - Alex finds out troubling news about his
past that leads him to a dark future.  C2005 Gr. 9-12 312 p.  (BL 2/05) 
(SLJ 3/05)  (HB 10/05)

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood - Each goes their own way again in this
sequel of second chances & dealing with death.  c. 2003  Gr. 9-12  373 p.  
(Wilsonís HS 10/03)  (SLJ 5/03)  (BL 4/03)

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