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Hi, all,

The resolution below is a great example of how a few
people can make a difference for our profession. One
suggestion I heard on how to use this locally was to
send it out to all your English teachers, thanking
them for supporting your program through their
organization. Now, how can we promote their goals? 
Partnerships have to work both ways...

This is a perfect example an alliance that AASL could
make to tie our program and our goals to those of
another educational group in order to affect student
achievement. I would appreciate suggestions of other
alliances such as this as I prepare my candidate's
statement for the AASL president's nomination this
weekend (OK, consider this an announcement of my
candidacy ;D). It can only be 150 words, but I get to
make a 5 minute speech at ALA Midwinter, so
suggestions after the weekend will also be greatly
appreciated. I really believe that, with AASL's
strategic plan defining more clearly who we are as a
profession and organization, we are poised to reach
out to the groups that make a difference in our
everyday work with kids, like administrators and
subject-area teacher organizations, unions (AASL has a
memorandum of understanding with NEA, for example) and

Thanks for thinking about this; I appreciate advice
from the experts--you! 

Best, Sara Kelly Johns


National Council of Teachers of English:
Resolution on Supporting School and Community

NCTE Annual Business Meeting in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, 2005


An educated, information-literate citizenry is the
foundation of our democratic society. Our students
must be equipped to meet 21st-century challenges with
the ability to access, use, and evaluate information

Resource-rich school libraries and credentialed school
librarians play key roles in promoting information
literacy. They help students acquire critical thinking
skills and increase their global awareness.
Educational research demonstrates that the services of
professional school librarians, well-funded
collections, and rich digital resources enhance
student achievement. These research studies show that,
when classroom teachers collaborate with full-time,
credentialed school librarians to design, implement,
and assess instruction, student achievement increases
significantly (see the Library Research Service Web
site at At the same
time, however, there has been a decrease in library
expenditures per pupil since 1985 (see Fifty Years of
Supporting Children's Learning: A History of Public
School Libraries and Federal Legislation from 1953 to
2000 at

We recognize that all students need access to school
and community libraries that provide 1) full-time,
credentialed professionals; 2) access to multimodal
resources that reflect multiple perspectives; and 3)
opportunities for classroom teachers and school
librarians to collaborate.


Given the decrease in school library funding since
1985 and the need for strong literacy and library
programs that lead to students' overall academic
success, be it resolved that the National Council of
Teachers of English
. strengthen its support of the American Library
Association and the American Association of School
Librarians by urging legislators and school officials
to provide funding for full-time, credentialed
librarians in every elementary and secondary school;
. urge governors, chief state school officers, state
legislators, and local governments to increase funding
for books, online resources, and multimodal materials;
. promote policies that ensure access to library
resources for all learners;
. support professional development opportunities for
school librarians and classroom teachers consistent
with local, state, and national standards; and
. encourage collaboration between classroom teachers
and school librarians to enrich student learning.

Written by Carol Gordon, Karen Hildebrand, Cynthia
Kiefer, Jean Kilker, Carolyn Lott, Judi Moreillon,
Robbie Nickel, Barbara Ray, Diane Skorupski, and
Marney Welmers.

AASL - NCTE members who signed the resolution: Denise
Campbell, Ann Ewbank, Mary Ann Harlan, Cynthia Kiefer,
Jean Kilker, Stephen Krashen, Judith V. Lechner, Teri
S. Lesesne, Jeanné Lohfink, Sharron L. McElmeel, Judi
Moreillon, Robbie Nickels, Diane Skorupski, Donna
Shannon, and Marney Welmers.

Lake Placid Middle/Senior HS LMC
34 School Street
Lake Placid, NY 12946
518-523-2474, ext. 4132
FAX: 518-523-4861

"Information is the currency of democracy." -- Thomas Jefferson

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