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Students in our county (grades 3,4  & 5) are doing problem based
projects as part of an Acceleration and Enrichment program.

These projects are along the lines of "What can be done to ....solve a
particular problem" OR "What can be done to ... interest other students
in something that I am really interested in (things that the average
student might not be interested in such as opera or an unusual hobby.)
Some topics have both print and internet resources, but some are harder
to research.

One fifth grade student (who goes to my church) is investigating "What
can be done to get my classmates to learn their multiplication tables?"
(Now I know what my mother did to help us, but things are unfortunately
different today!) If anyone would have some information on the
problem(such as an article that you have read lately) or suggestions
for a solution, I would be interested in hearing them to pass on to the
student  before she makes her "plan".

Another group of students (at my school) are looking for ideas for
winter recess. (Our students cannot go outside when it is below 32
degrees or when our blacktop area is covered with snow.) "What can be
done to improve winter recess?" is the topic if anyone has any
interesting things to share from your elementary schools that are
extraordinary. Our gym is not available for each recess period due to
phys ed class so we have limited space on certain days to do indoor
activities that are physical. These students want to present a "plan"
to our principal, but their teacher is having a hard time getting them
to understand that a plan needs some research behind it!

Deb Hendrickson

Deborah J. Hendrickson
Media Specialist/Technology Leader
Westernport Elementary School
172 Church Street
Westernport, MD 21562 (work e-mail)

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