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The Question Mark
Vol 1|No 4|January|2005

This month's free issue of The Question Mark can be found online at

There is one article this month, a snippet of which is reproduced below.
The article is Chapter Two of Jamie McKenzie's new book to be published
and released in March of 2005, "Learning to Question to Wonder to 

Why Wonder?
By Jamie McKenzie
© 2005, Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.

Wondering is about entertaining and exploring possibilities.

It is about hope and faith. It can also be about questioning and
doubt . . . wondering why things are the way they are.

We invite good things to make an appearance. We expect that dreams
can make life better. We refuse to settle for less.

“Hold fast to dreams,” warned Langston Hughes, “for if dreams die,
life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

Our sense of wonder - if alive and well - applauds each marvel, each
grace, each surprise. We appreciate the extraordinary, the novel and
the unique. We hunger for the good, work for the better and hope that
the hohumdrum pressures and banalities of life will be supplanted by
something more magical. We dream that we can transcend the mundane,
that we can escape oblivion, boredom and a life without consequence.

If we are capable of wondering, our mind takes flight and dares to
dream. Wondering infuses our questioning and our thinking with a
spiritual aspect. Children learn that life can be much more than
another brick in the wall.

------- Continued online at

Jamie McKenzie
Editor, The Question Mark
Editor, From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
Editor, No Child Left
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