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I would assume that this was a case of smell, rather than sound. Dogs and
other animals' senses are so different than ours as to be nearly
incomprehensible to us. Even though it seems that his master was far removed
from the dog, I am certain that the dog's sense of smell was not hindered by
that distance. Not that everything is explainable, like the way some dogs
travel for miles to find someone they've lost or seem to know when someone
is on their way home...

Rochelle Garfinkel
Simmons GSLIS
MLS Student
Putney, VT

Date:    Sun, 2 Jan 2005 22:17:16 -0600
From:    "Sharron L. McElmeel" <mcelmeel@MCELMEEL.COM>
Subject: Re: Joan Hiatt Harlow's Thunder from the Sea

Very interesting -- but then what causes a dog to howl when someone
dies?  There must be more than just the sound -- or something
completely different happening here.  I thought the howling dog
stories were folklore until my uncle died in our home and his dog who
had absolutely no way of realizing that his master had died....  The
dog had never been in the house -- he was housed in a warm garage
attached to the house, Uncle Arnie was in a room far removed from the
garage -- but literally 5 seconds after Uncle Arnie closed his eyes
and breathed his last breath the dog started howling and did not stop
until the mortuary arrived and took him.
Mysteries intrigue me!

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