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Josephine Dervan wrote:
"I heard a discussion on television about why it was preferable to send
money rather than hard goods to the affected areas. One of the main
reasons against sending food is that many of the residents in the area
have diets that differ from our own. If we sent food from our own
cupboards, it might not be familiar to the survivors or worse, against
their religious beliefs. However the money can be used to buy local food
at good prices."

I'm looking a little down the track (because we are on our long summer
break and school-wide appeals won't begin for a while) so I would like
to know if there are any organisations that provide aid, where we, as
donors, can specify what contributions can be used for - i.e. a school
here in Australia will support the redevelopment of a classroom or a
library or similar in one of the devastated areas.  The Oxfam site gives
approx costs of things but that's not quite
what I mean.


Trish Wade
Eatons Hill State School
Marylin Terrace
Eatons Hill
Queensland AUSTRALIA
Ph 3264 9222
Fax 3264 9000

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