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There was a recent post on presentations at the recent NECC conference.
One of the topics intrigued me so I followed the link. Lo and behold the
presentation included images from MY library website. I was initially
flattered, but thought about it, and noticed that there was no
attribution to my work. Not on the initial slides, nor as part of a
"works cited".

I found that disturbing. I created those pages, I should receive credit!

When our students create projects, I require them to cite the source,
even if it is only the web address.

What do you think? Am I right? Should I send a brief note to the
presenters, since I know one of them personally. Or should I just let it

On a side note a real estate agency in our town also uses pictures from
the website I created for our school. The agency never requested
permission, simply used my posting on our school website.

We do have a statement of copyright on our school pages, but not not on
my library pages. I think I will add that. For what its worth, but
obviously, not much.


Adam Janowski
Library Media Specialist
Naples High School
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