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If you are interested in a webcast of David Weinberger's keynote, The New Shape of 
Knowledge mentioned by Doug Johnson is his post about NECC;

Go to the ISTE NECC Homepage and click on 
the Webcast sessions link.

Scroll down to To view Webcasts beginning June 27,
visit Select view webcast, the the title The New Shape of 
Knowledge. You may have to register for kidsonline but it is free. For this 
webquest you do have to wait until Ben Franklin stops speaking and the ISTE 
president finishes his speech.

The keynot is one of interest to librarians, we are mentioned as being great 
people, but he does dis Dewey as Doug said. The ISTE SIGMS is planning a discussion 
on the ISTE My communities site. My comments have already been posted for those who 
are ISTE members. From the ISTE site; select my communities from the 
drop down box under membership.

The other keynote that Doug mentioned,  Five Regions of the Future: A New Way to 
Think About Technology  is also there.

Please note summer email address

Deborah Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School

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