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We do need to help administrators, parents, school boards, students,
understand that filter systems are not a panacea, can be easily
mis-applied, and can be biased in their selection or labeling.

Also, it is well worth effort in promoting that we librarians are the
most qualified district personnel for developing guidelines for
implementing filter settings, judging educational value of sites, and
working with filter company when inevitable issue come up. Those filter
settings are really a piece of collection development, not choices based
on fear

Robert Eiffert, Librarian
Pacific MS
Vancouver, WA -

Paula Yohe wrote:
> Don't send the lecture on filtering -- that is not the issue --
> this is not a stand for or against filtering -- but the way we present the issue 
>to the public and to paretns with children in school ---
> Perhaps filters don't work - maybe they do -- not the point I am making ---
> Touting the Bill of rights - Intellectual Freedom -- etc., etc. makes us appear 
>to the public as supporting porn to their children --
> Would we allow Playboy in the elementary school library? -- No - then we would 
>discuss appropriatenss of material or back to the slection vs censor issue --
> We need to do a better job of discussing this issue -- it just makes librarians 
>look irresponsible  when dealing with children.
> Acceptable Use Policy - gee sounds great in theory -- but how many ele. media 
>specialists have fixed scheduling -- do they have time to watch every child every 
>minuite --
> a teacher in a lab - do they have time to watch a child every minute --
> Do  think an administrator has time to deal with this?
> When -- after they deal with test scores, broken air conditioners, a fight 
>between students, late buses, unhappy teachers, new textbooks, irate parents, 
>discipline -- if they think you can block this stuff then they want it to be done 
> now is that the best solution -- maybe - maybe not -
> but we have to be more in tune with what others are delaing with -- and work with 
>them - not be perceived as working against them
> paula

Robert-Koreis -FW <rkoreis@FWPS.ORG> wrote:
> Here's a nice FAQ to look at. There was another that I found with a
> Massachusetts URL, but was blocked because (drumroll, please) it "exceeded
> the weighted phrase limit."
> AFAIK, NCLB and CIPA are exclusive of each other. When it comes to
> administrators and understanding of laws, YMMV.
> The level of blocking seems to have a lot to do with the politics of
> school board members.
> Filters don't work. A three judge federal district court panel in
> Philadelphia came to that conclusion as part of the decision ruling
> against CIPA. SCOTUS overturned, essentially saying that Congress can
> violate the Bill of Rights when doling out money.
> Bob Koreis (who is practicing his acronyms and abbreviations today)
> Librarian
> Federal Way High School
> Federal Way, WA

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