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Dear Helpful Colleagues,
        Yannshya posted this request on LM-Net a while ago, and has apparently had
only 3 responses... which amazes me because when I ask you for help, I
usually get flooded with assistance.  She has asked me to post her request
again, so I'm including it below.  Anybody know any vendors who would send
her free posters?  Baker & Taylor, Follett, Permabound, are you listening???


So far, you are one of the three persons that contact me for poster
exhcnage. I am still in need quite a few children's/YA book posters to
make my exhibitions outstanding. Therefore, I would like to try again with
my advertisement of the following message. Can you help me to distribute
my email message to the distribution list that you can access? Thankyou
very much for your attention. I wish you the best.

Yannshya Wu

To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to ask if you are willing to do a !'poster
exchange!( with me. I am preparing an exhibition entitled "Exhibition of
Excellent English Children!&s Books, Posters and products". The exhibition
be in significant exhibition halls, such as Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall,
in Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing in early 2005.
So far, I already have quite a few posters for this exhibition. However, I
still in lacking of those popular, classic and folkloric standards. I need
children!&s book related posters such as The Snowy Day, The Little Woman,
Charlie!&s Chocolate Factory, Charlotte!&s Web, and so on. I desperately
them to match the books I will display.
I contacted publishing houses. Most of them do not keep copies of their
promotional posters. Authors and illustrators were not usually kept informed
their books!& covers were ever printed into posters. I now several
sources, such as eBay, may sell those. However, I am not able to afford that
great of a cost for the posters I need (usually $10 or higher plus shipping
handling fees). In addition, purchasing !'promotional!( posters does not
appropriate for my exhibition projects because my project!&s aims are for
voluntary promotion of USA children!&s authors, illustrators and to make
books familiar to Chinese and Taiwanese.
Therefore, I am sorry if I seem abrupt in asking for your support in my
free or nearly free posters. If you are willing to do a poster exchange with
me, my return to you will be a poster or posters the subject of which will
reading, culture, or of tourism in Taiwan or China. If you do so with me, I
will put your name as the contributor, I will keep to my
ethics in properly using your exchanged poster, and will not re-sell them at
any time, in any place.
The others I am doing include the following:
* I am close to finishing a reference book (in Chinese) guiding Chinese-
speaking parents and teachers in the selection of excellent English
books published in the USA.
* Aiding in the establishment of an English education Resource Center in
* Providing consultation to bilingual preschools and elementary schools in
Taiwan and China on sound English education resources.
I am relying on your generosity to achieve these extremely important goals.
believe this venture would be mutually beneficial, both to the educational
structure of Taiwan and China, and your school. Your assistance means a
deal to Chinese-speaking communities, and it would be deeply appreciated.
I thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Yannshya Wu
Ph.D. Candidate in Education Indiana University
Founder of Yannshya Wu English Education Service
USA Address:
411 Ballantine Rd. Bloomington, IN 47401
Phone: 812-345-9732
Email: (please email me if you are interested in poster

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