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Hello, all!

I just wanted to share a project with those of you interested in
inquiry-based learning projects or multimedia experiences to supplement
what you are already doing in the classroom.

From October 31—November 11, Dan Buettner’s Quest expedition team - who
brought you MayaQuest and AfricaQuest - will launch their latest adventure
learning project -- Blue Zones Expedition: Quest for the true fountain of
youth.  Once again, the team will invite classrooms around the world to
direct their expedition using an interactive website.  This time, it’s a
two-week journey to Okinawa—location of the world’s longest-lived people -
in search of the secrets to longevity.

For teachers, Quest Network provides resources that help you use the
expedition to meet National Standards in Language Arts, Geography, Health
and Science. All of the Blue Zones Expedition online content and its
companion curriculum guide are available free of charge.  We invite you to
join our team at:

Please read on for more information.  And don’t hesitate to contact us for
more information at

Thank you,

Sarah Kast
Quest Network


Working with the National Institute on Aging, National Geographic Society,
and a worldwide team of scientists, we've found the four small regions of
the world where people live the longest, healthiest lives.  We call them
Blue Zones.  Since 70% of how long we live is determined by our lifestyle,
these places offer clues in helping Americans live longer, healthier

Each October, the Quest team will visit one of these Blue Zones and
provide your class with short videos, written pieces – like Daily
Dispatch, Kid Profile and Gross & Disgusting, world-class photography,
Daily Data, and interactive ballots that let your class direct the team as
they gather clues.  The goal is for kids to identify the lifestyle factors
that help explain the Blue Zone’s extraordinary longevity and rank them. 
At the end of the Expedition, we’ll publish the “Blue Zone Longevity
Formula,” citing our audience as the authors.

The Blue Zones Challenge, a related activity designed by world renowned
childhood health expert, Dr. Cheryl Perry, teams teachers and parents to
empower kids to take control of their own health.  For four weeks,
students commit to work on four simple but powerful habits that boost
health and self-esteem, while lowering their risk of obesity.

For resources, come to the Educators section at  Also
watch for Dan Buettner’s cover story in the November issue of National
Geographic Magazine, a Blue Zones story in the October 23rd issue of TIME
for Kids, and an October 25th Good Morning America segment to launch the

If you’re looking for new ways to infuse enthusiasm in your classroom,
motivate your students to investigate the world around them, and take part
in an authentic learning experience, we invite you to join Blue Zones
Expedition.  Please visit our website to learn how your students can
participate in this exciting expedition, contribute to a real scientific
study, and take our health challenge!

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