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Dear LM_Net:

Here are the updated questions I used for the Google game found at:

I made up most of the questions myself and they worked well with the group of 
paraprofessionals that were doing an hour long tech training- I think it would work 
well with high school or middle school too. Many of you requested that I post a 
hit.  The number of hits will vary depending on your search string.  Thank you!

Google Game questions & answers:

1. What was the date of Saddam Hussein's capture by the U.S.?

    Answer: December 13, 2003

    Search String: "Saddam Hussein" capture date site:gov

2. Who was the first U.S. President to win non-consecutive terms to the White 

    Answer: Grover Cleveland
    Search String: "United States" president non-consecutive term site:gov


3. Who invented the coffee filter?
    Answer: Melitta Benz

    Search String: "coffee filter" invention site:com


4. Paul Dickerson was appointed to his job by President Bush.  What does he do?
    Answer: Chief of Staff to the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade 
    Search String: "paul dickerson" site:gov

5. What is the name of the first spacecraft to map the planet Mercury?
    Answer: Mariner 10
    Search String: mercury -car "first spacecraft" site:edu

6. Who came up with the idea to use Navajo for secure communications during World 
War II

    Answer: Philip Johnston
    Search string: "navajo code talkers" site:mil


7. Who was the first black woman to win an Oscar for best actress?

    Answer: Halle Barry

    Search string: "first black woman" oscar "best actress" site:com

2Rivers Magnet Middle School
East Hartford, CT 06108

2Rivers Magnet Middle School
East Hartford, CT 06108

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