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Many thanks to all who helped.  My interview is next week.  Wish me luck.  
Here are some excellent ideas:

When I was in Graduate School, I got a great piece of advice from a 
professor.  She said NOT to say you want to work in a library because you love 
rather to say you LOVE working with kids / students/ people/ etc.  Good 
librarianship is less about the books than about working with people (patrons, 
co-workers, vendors, etc)  

I have used this in every job I have interviewed for and it always went over 

Jaime Jeanne Meadows
St. Helens High School 
Library Media Center

Here are two ideas with 4th grade that have worked for me: When pomegranates 
are in season, I read the Greek Myth of Persephone and Demeter, then with an 
air of mystery about me, I cut open the fruit (someone always mumbles "looks 
like blood as the juice starts to flow), talk about where they come from, show 
the two halves and ask the children what the seed pattern reminds them of.  
Someone will come up with a snowflake, which is absolutely what you want because 
the Myth is a story of the seasons.  Then we eat the seeds.  It's messy so use 
a lot of paper towels.  Sounds complicated, but it's a lesson the kids talk 
about for years, and one that's wowed principals. 

I've also used Eve Bunting's The Night of the Gargoyles as a peg for a lesson 
on architecture, talking about the structural function of gargoyles as drains 
and their spiritual significance.  There are gargoyle websites. You can also 
tie this into looking at columns, and other architectural effects.  

If you find out your time is very short and there's only time for a book I 
suggest you read Meanwhile by Jules Feiffer, which the kids absolutely love.  
Nothing impresses an interview committee more, I think, than maki

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