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Being new to LM_NET, I am a bit unsure of the exact way to post detailed hits. Any 
suggestions would be appreciated.  But here goes....I abridged quite a bit...
Thank you to all who responded to my target.  I received many detailed responses.  
The overall concensus is that elementary librarians are on fixed schedules and 
there is very little collaboration with teachers.  The teachers understandably have 
much to worry about with testing, grades, team planning, etc.  This is the typical 
scenario.  Middle and high schools have more flexible schedules and more 
collaboration.   In addition, everyone has a differnt situation.  Whether flex or 
not, some situations are very tight some not so tight.  I think it is possible to 
restructure the schedules in the elementary schools, but not without much grief.  
Some good suggestions follow: 
--adding a day on to another special like P.E.  ( I think our P.E. teacher would 
have a coronary)
--teachers did not use the library time for planning. They used recess time for 
planning and gym time for planning. We had one paraprofessional whose 
responsibility it was to do playground duty in addition to her other job. The 
teachers were required to be with their class when they all came. The kids could 
come independently as needed/wanted to get new books.
I really support teachers' need for planning, having been a teacher for so long 
myself.  I rarely see any of our teachers not rushing to get things done.  They are 
overwhelmed and don't  have enough planning as it is.  I would not want them to 
sacrifice what little planning they get for anything.  Thanks again for all the 
help and responses.  
Mary Naber
Media Coordinator
South Scotland Elementary
East Carolina MLS student
Laurinburg, NC

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