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This is my original post:
I am having an author visit my elementary schools and would like to know
how to make this event extra special and memorible for the students.

These are the replies I received: THANKS TO ALL WHO REPLIED

You may get some help from the articles posted at -- let me know if we can be of any help.  The
articles will give you some specific ideas.

Terrific Connections with Authors, Illustrators, and Storytellers (Libraries 
Unlimited 1999) by Toni Buzzeo and Jane Kurtz is an excellent resource for 

Some quick thoughts--
--Make sure most if not all students have read the book, listened to the 
or had it read to them

--help the students research the authors on line.  Most authors have a 
or their publisher does.  Many times you can find a snippet of the book that 
be listened to on line.  If you have access to the Teaching Books database, 
is a wonderful resource.  I'm sure you can get a free

--give the author a mug, cap, pencil, T-shirt---some memento of the school

-- invite a few students/teachers to have lunch with the author

--make arrangements to sell the books beforehand, at school.  Send a note 
to collect money a few days ahead.  We do this through a nearby Barnes and
Noble, but I'm sure the publisher would be happy to do this. B&N allows us 
order a batch of books, collect the money (we don't mark them up) and return
unsold copies.  They then bill us at our school discount for the books 
purchased, and it all comes out about equal. Put a sticky note in the front 
each book with the child's name and homeroom.  In between programs, the 
can autograph the books and you can return them to students via the homeroom
teachers after the author leaves.

One thing that I always do is ask a few trusted oldest students (in my 
school, that would be fifth graders) to give the visiting author a tour of 
our building.  That way, the author sees the entire building and not just 
the library and aud, where the programs might be going on.  The students who 
are selected for this honor are always very pleased and I think it helps to 
personalize things for everyone.  Also, the tour allows the author to see 
any work that has been done and displayed throughout the building in honor 
of the visit.  Just a very small idea!

Ask author to design and autograph a bookmark ahead of time that can be 
copied and passed out to all the children, so everyone, even the poorer 
ones, have a souvenir.

Auction or raffle off an autographed book.

Have each child draw or write something for the author, to be presented upon 

Veronica Morris -Elementary Librarian
West Las Vegas Schools, Las Vegas, New Mexico

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