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This is a fun trip down memory lane.  I hope we can hear from a few 
more.  My first home computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  It 
hooked up to the television and had a cassette tape drive.  For kicks 
I looked up the specs on the Internet.

Released:June 1981
Price: US$525 (without monitor)
How many:2.8 Million
CPU:TI TMS9900, 3MHz
Memory:16K RAM, 26K ROM
Display:Video via an RF modulator
32 characters by 24 lines text
192 X 256, 16 color graphics
Ports:ROM cartridge (on front)
Data storage cassette
Audio/Video output
Joystick input
CPU bus expansion
Peripherals:Speech Synthesizer
Peripheral Expansion Box
Data storage cassette
300 baud modem

This was state of the art for me back in 1981.  I still have it and 
my guess is that it still works.  I'll have to search through the 
basement and see if I still have some of the educational programs for it!!


At 06:58 PM 1/7/2007, Robin Shtulman wrote:
>I did my master's thesis on a mac color classic [Color!  I thought 
>it was the cat's pajamas.] with 4 MB and an add-on program for 
>footnotes.  My new son-in-law begged to see it, so I dug it out.  It 
>still works!  Yay for playing "fungus" and "crystal quest!"  I was 
>going to give it to him to disassemble.  Now, I'm not so sure I can 
>part with it!  Maybe if he keeps the games and lets me come visit!

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