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I totally agree with weeding out of date information, no matter the 
format. BUT my original statement was about weeding reference books 
that duplicate information you currently get through state electronic 
database subscriptions. Nowhere in my original message did I advocate 
not weeding out of date information.

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At 08:14 AM 1/23/2008, ann reed wrote:
>Also ... if the budget goes down the drain... all non-librarians see 
>are shelves full of books... the fact that they are out-of-date 
>without relevant information will not enter their mind... and that 
>will be their excuse that cutting your budget will be just fine and 
>dandy...  you will not be able to convince them otherwise. Get those 
>out-of-date books off the shelf... the only good they are doing is 
>giving the people who fund you a false sense of security allowing 
>them to cut your budget for the materials that make you a timely 
>valid educational resource.
>    All libraries at all levels suffer from this public or 
> non-library administrative funding perception ... look no further 
> than your local paper and the often public discussion of funding 
> your public library.  It has only been within the last couple of 
> months that one of the main public officials in my home town voted 
> not to fund the public library building plan with the reasoning 
> that libraries may not be around much longer because of the 
> Internet, therefore we should just wait and see what happens before 
> we spend more money on a dying institution...  and besides that he 
> stated that ALL the students he knew had their own computers and 
> therefore a public library really isn't needed.
>   Get rid of the perception that you have more relevant materials 
> than you really have by weeding now.
>****** Ann Cober Reed, MLIS
>****** Retired Maryland High School Librarian
>****** Now a Reference Librarian at The University of Maryland Eastern Shore
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>Mary Peterson <MPeterson@CRANBROOK.EDU> wrote:
>   Being hesitant about weeding reference collections is why many 
> reference collections contain reference titles that are sadly out 
> of date. Although I agree that one shouldn't rely entirely on 
> electronic databases, having out-of-date or no-longer-useful 
> material in the reference collection takes up room that could be 
> used for newer material. It is hard to rid the collection of those 
> "old faithfuls," but it should be done.
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>Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 18:55:01 -0600
>From: Melissa Davis
>Subject: GEN: WEEDING - particularly reference books
>I don't want to be a 'Chicken Little' but, before you do major
>weeding of expensive reference books you might want to reconsider
>your decision. Yes, right now your state or regional organization is
>funding very nice databases. BUT when economic hard times arrive (did
>you hear the news tonight?) that funding may disappear very quickly.
>What will your students use in their research assignments then?
>This happened to us in Texas in 2001. Texas schools have only this
>year begun receiving state funded databases again!
>So, I would recommend waiting a bit to weed Reference very deeply.
>See what happens over the next year economically.

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