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Thank you for all the great responses!!  My request was to find out if your public 
high school charges for printing from the computers. I will be presenting this 
information to my principal and library

director in hopes of forming a district policy.

For a quick breakdown:

13 responded YES they always charge, 13 responded NO they donít charge, 5 said they 
charge for personal printouts but not school related, and 4 responded that they 
utilize PCounter software.  

Read below for more detail.  


  Responses that charge for all printouts:


∑         As they pick up their copies they are charged 5 cents for every page 
after 3.  I have worked with all the teachers to make this happen.  Not only have 
we reduced waste, I have purchased some new books for the library.
   I charge $.15 per page for b/w
   10 cents for b&w
   We charge 10 cents per page - no back-to-back. No credit.  Payable when they 
pick up the printout from whoever is at the desk.

∑         When I came to this school 12 years ago, the students had to

pay 10 cents per page to copy.  We've still kept it this way

because if they don't pay for it, they print extraneously.

If they don't have the money, I let them print and owe me.

∑         (Community college)  At our big, open labs, you can get a "printer card" 
and pay a nickel per page


∑         We charge ten cents per page. Last year, a teacher with many low income 
kids negotiated a deal so that students could print final copies of research papers 
free, so we now do that for English classes. With our limited budget combined with 
student wastefulness and unintentional overprinting (without print previewing) we 
see no way to avoid charging.


∑         I am the media specialist at a 7th-12th school We charge 10 cents per 
page for b/w


  ∑        Each student gets one free page a day. After that pages cost the student 
5 cents per page.  If a student is not going to use her free page, she can give it 
to a student who needs another page, but I have to see the giver--I don't take 
signatures for free pages.  Anything a student types himself is free (1 copy of 
it).  Copy and paste is not "typing himself."I DO NOT "chase" students for their 5 
and 10 cents.  They come to me and give me the correct amount.  My standard 
sentence is "I didn't get three college degrees to chase you around for nickles and 
dimes. If I have to chase you down or argue with you about using the printer, you 
will never print again as long as I remember your face."  I have absolutely no 
trouble with students printing and paying.  The point is not the money; the point 
is the thinking about what they are doing.  

∑         At my school of 1300 students we charge 5 cents for laser black printing 
per page.
  ∑         Our public library charges 5 cents a pg.

∑         I charge 10 cents a page.  I try to monitor but it is pretty much on the 
honor system.

∑         we charge $.10 page We have been doing his since our HS opened, 7 years 
ago, with no problem. Other schools in the county do NOT charge for printing, and 
have similar complaints as you.

  Responses that charge for personal printouts, but not school-related work:
   I am at a K-8 school and I charge 10 cents a page.  If the student can show me 
an educational value to the print out I will waive part or all of the fee.
   We charge .10 for personal printing We had cards printed up with 24 squares and 
sell them for 2.00 so they get 4 pages free, but most just pay by the page.  I tell 
them at orientation and we have it posted.
   I didn't charge for original student work (reports, essays, lab notes, etc.).  I 
never wanted a student to say he/she couldn't turn in an assignment because he/she 
didn't have a dime.  Printing from the internet cost five cents per page
   We don't charge for printing school related things but do for personal.
   If it is something the student writes himself (research paper,
   classroom notes, vocab., etc.), it is free. If it is off the Internet or from 
one of our Cd-ROM products, they get 2 free pages and then we charge 5 cents per 
  Responses that do not ever charge:
   Our library, HS, 500+ students, does not charge if printouts are on our HP laser 
   Printing here is free, so LOTS of junk is printed.
   We do not charge for printing.  I have a copier in the library that is networked 
so that it is the library printer.  Teachers are good about watching what kids 
print and encourage kids to copy and paste info to a word document to cut out all 
the unnecessary stuff.  
   Don't even think about charging.  What a hassle and so much bad feeling towards 
the library

∑         Our high school library put the printer behind the counter.  Now she has 
to retrieve print jobs for the students, but the things coming out of the printer 
are totally appropriate.
   Our district policy is to NOT CHARGE students for printing or photocopies.  Not 
a smart idea for when they get to college and have to pay, but ...  
   Our library, HS, 500+ students, does not charge if printouts are on our HP laser 
printer (non-color)  
   We moved our printer to the circulation desk area (actually behind it)so that we 
looked at the print material before they picked it up.  
   All of our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have laptops that we have assigned 
to them.  They do not have printing privileges.  Teachers print.  
   So far, we only charge for color printing but our 'not collected' pile of black 
and white stuff is huge.

∑         We currently do not charge the kids, but costs may change that in the 

∑         We do not charge for printing.  We monitor it, and the kids must ask 
permission before they can print.

∑         We do not charge for printing, but it has to be for school
  Responses that utilize a software program to monitor printing:
   We use a print monitor called PCounter to control printing. It gives each 
student an account into which I "deposit" money.  Every time they print it deducts 
from the balance.  When they reach zero they can no longer print.  They then need 
to see me about more credit or actually pay me.  The software logs each print job 
so I can look at the kid's print history and usually tell very easily if they are 
printing school work or
   personal stuff.  If it is personal then they have to pay me before they can 
print again.  When I was setting up the accounting to collect and save money the 
Deputy Superintendent for Business Services made it very clear that we could not 
charge students to print school assignments. I believe that was in accord with 
district philosophy and the lawyers' interpretation of state ed. code.
   We have an automated print accounting system called PCounter. We give students 
ten pages each day and can give more credit if necessary

∑         We use the PCounter software.  We can assign an amount for each page to 
be printed and put money into the student's accounts.  I found that .10 cents a 
page; 15.00 for 9th graders and 10.00 for 8th graders works very well. 
   We use the PCounter software.  We can assign an amount for each page to be 
printed and put money into the student's accounts.  
  Christian Cheshire
  Magnolia West High School
  Magnolia, TX

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