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Hello Everyone,
This is an update about the group I've created on Teacher Tube for people to
share their digital book trailers.  We currently have 488 members, and a few
more join each day--which is awesome!  (Link to the group: )

There are still some technical issues that need to be worked out, and I just
wanted everyone who has joined to know that I have been assured by the tech
team at Teacher Tube that they are working to get the group up and running
for us.  Right now, for some reason, members (including administrative
members of the group) are not able to get added videos to show up in the
actual group.    You may have noticed that there are two fewer videos in the
group than were there last week.  This is because I removed two of my own
trailers to see if I would be able to add them back--obviously I wasn't able
to get them back , or they'd be there.   :-)  There is also and issue with
trying to download posted videos.

I know several people are frustrated, and that's understandable.  Don't lose
faith though--I have faith in the tech team at Teacher Tube and hope they
will get things working for us.  I wish I had better news than "let's wait
and see," but for now, that's where we are!  I do think that this could be a
very powerful tool for librarians and teachers to use to help
students--especially the reluctant ones--find books that interest them.

Have a fantastic rest of the summer, and I'll keep you posted as things



Teresa Schauer
District Librarian/Pettus ISD
Pettus, Texas

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