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Here is the Hit on using Moodle at the elementary level. ?The problem I found in 
looking for active Moodles for elementary students is that most are password 
protected. ?Some Moodle pages appear to be functioning primarily as websites.?I 
developed a Moodle site, linked from my library website at:
but, unfortunately, I'm unable to set it so that guests can access the course. ?In 
my training, we learned to set up our page, create surveys, quizzes, forums, etc. 
?Initially, I've set up a questionnaire, a trivia quiz about our state reading 
program, and a forum for discussion of each of our 15 SSYRA books for this year. 
Following are the suggestions I received which helped me in the work that I did 
during my training. ?Thanks to all of you for your helpful tips!?


I can't say that I use my Moodle page a lot, but many in our county system do. 
There is also an excellent Moodle tutorial at this site.?

A good school district to look at for moodle examples is Pennfield in
Michigan. I saw someone present from that school and she set up various
moodles to benefit someone like yourself.

I am mainly using my Moodle page in place of a monthly newsletter.? I like to keep 
the Accelerated Reader lists on it, and information about upcoming events, such as 
author visits and book fairs.? I am attending a training to learn how to do a 
survey on Moodle this summer.? I'd like to create a survey to see what type of 
books the students would like to request.? I don't know how to do any courses yet, 
or quizzes.? Maybe I'll learn how to do something like that eventually!


Have a look at the links at

Thanks again,

Lee Ann Marona

Brentwood Elementary

Pensacola, FL


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