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I have a certification question for the NJ or DE librarians out there that
may help me in a job search.

I have a standard certificate as an educational media specialist in both New
Jersey and Delaware.  I have had three positions end for monetary reasons
and have been looking for a position since my last position in an 11 month
school ended on 7/31/08.  Two of these positions were in NJ and one was in

I have had many interviews, however, a few districts have not included me in
the interview process.  These districts all required candidates to be highly
qualified.  I know that in  NJ the media specialist is not required to be
highly qualified.    I am unsure about DE.  The highly qualified credential
became available while I was in one of the two NJ positions.  In both
positions I was not encouraged to pursue the highly qualified status. I did
attempt to complete the paper work in the first district (this was when the
credential was new), but they really did not wish to take the time to deal
with my status while making sure that all those required to have the
credential were getting it.  I have never taught on my elementary
certification in NJ, therefore it is CEAS as elementary teacher grades 1-8.
My elementary credential in DE is standard continuing.

Does anyone know if and/or how I can get the highly qualified status if I am
not working in a school district??

Thank you

Allyson Cogan  
Unemployed educational media specialist

Pennsville, NJ

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