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Thanks everyone for your responses:

Original post:
I was wondering if I could have some book suggestions.  I have a teacher that 
assigns a fiction book for students to read.  Her biology class reads My Sister's 
Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  Now she is looking for a book for her other class that 
involves a genetic disorder.  She would like it to be fiction, and a good story 
that would hopefully spark interest for kids to keep reading.  So again - fiction 
book about a genetic disorder.
Any suggestions?

1. Piccoult's new book deals with a genetic disorder I think - brittle bone disease
2. Jodi Picoult's newest book, Handle with Care is about brittle bone syndrome.  My 
science teachers have also used Nancy Farmer's House of the Scorpion, as well as 
several of Michael Crichton's books. 
3. If she likes Jodi Picoult, her new book, Handle With Care, is about a couple 
whose daughter is born with osteogenesis imperfecta. 
I have not read it, so I am not sure how it is written or how appropriate it might 
4. Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards is about a Down Syndrome child.
5. I just finished reading Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult.  It is about a child 
born with a genetic bone defect and the struggle of the family.  You may not want 
to use a book by the same author - but it was riveting for me.  Point of views of 
various people are used - including the child's sibling. 
6. How about the newest Jodi Piccoult? Handle with Care. The genetic
disorder is osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disease.
7. The two more recent Picoult books, Change of Heart, and Handle With Care, both 
deal with medical issues. I don't remember whether they are genetic disorders, but 
one deals with a heart transplant, and the other with a brittle bone disease called 
osteogenesis imperfecta. Both very good with a lot of medical-ese.
8. Jodi Picoult to the rescue again. Handle With Care is about brittle bone 
syndrome (can't remember name) beginning in utero and how the doctor, her best 
friend, could've caught it but didn't.  The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but I think 
it's Downs..can't remember.
9. Double Helix by Nancy Werling is a great choice. It's techincially science 
fiction because the genetic engineering that takes place in the book is not yet 
possible but, it's very realistic. It's about a kid with Huntington's Disease in 
his family. It's a real page turner and has a little romance thrown in as well. I 
really enjoyed it.
10. Blume, Judy. Deenie (scoliosis)
Jung, Reinhardt.  Dreaming in Black and White
Halliday, John.  Shooting Monarchs
Kerr, M. E.  Little, Little (dwarfism) 
Koertze, Ron.  Stoner and Spaz (cerebral palsy)
Mikaelsen, Ben.  Petey  (cerebral palsy)
Paulsen, Gary.  The Monument
Philbrick, Rodman.  The Last Book in the Universe (epilepsy)
Mental Retardation
Conly, Jane Leslie.  Crazy Lady!
Holt, Kimberly Willis.  My Louisiana Sky
Mazer, Harry.  The War on Villa Street
Paterson, Katherine.  Jip  His Story
Philbrik, Rodman.  Freak the Mighty
Rodowsky, Colby.  What About Me? 
11. Nancy Werlin - Double Helix
12. I can definitely recommend _The Adoration of Jenna Fox_ by Mary E. 
Pearson. Here's the Amazon link:
It was one of the 2009 Texas Lone Star Reading List books, and is an 
excellent read.
13. I'm not sure what level kids your teacher has, but I'd start with
the AP Biology Great Books List compiled by the College Board.  It's
online at:
Additionally, has a Listmania feature that gives information
about some of the titles on the AP Bio list that they offer:
At least you'd be sure the book was offering scientifically accurate
information, if it was on this list, as opposed to popular fiction that
might not be completely accurate.  Then again, that could be a good
exercise in itself... Having kids research a disease and then read a
title looking for inaccuracies!
14. How about THE TOMORROW CODE?
15. Perhaps Jodi' newest book Handle with Care might work. It is about a girl with 
Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle bone Disease). It is genetic but in this girl's 
case was a mutation, not running in the family. Just a thought.
16. here's 2 possibles:
Life sentences / Alice Blanchard
"A genetic researcher in Boston is driven to find a cure for the rare disease that 
claimed the life of her younger brother. But her progress is halted when her 
mentally unstable sister is discovered missing from her California home"--Provided 
by publisher.
Origins/ Kate Thompson
Christy ís souvenir stone from the yetiís cave proves to be fatal for many of the 
inhabitants of Fourth World leaving among the survivors a pair of 
genetically-altered twins whose eventual descendants face an uncertain future in a 
stone age world of nuclear devastation and disease.


Rita Ann Thompson
Pennsbury High School
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