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I am at a Middle School and we checked out books for the summer last
year for the first time.  We didn't lose a single book.
Attached is the form we used.
You may notice the WRHS form is much like the lopez summer checkout
form.  Thank you for this!!!
I allow my students to check out books for the summer. I do not
advertise it because then I don't get kids wanting books who will not
take care of them. My readers and the ones who want to check out, know
about it through word of mouth. I even have a few teachers that check
out too. 
I made up a very simple and plain contract stating that they were going
to check out books for the summer. They would be responsible for any
lost or damaged books and would pay if needed. All books were to be
returned the first day/week of the new school year. Then I had a spot
for a parent and a student signature. So their parents had to sign it
before they were allowed to check out. 
I limit it to 20 books or less. Once is awhile I have a student who can
read more than that. If I trust them and know that they will actually
read the books and take care of them I let them take more.
Once the books are checked out on the computer I then print 2 copies of
their checkouts. I staple one to their contract and then send one home
with them so they have a record of what they took. 
I have never lost one book doing this. And I have only had one student
who I felt could have taken better care of her books. Thankfully she is
a senior this year and I won't have to worry about her this summer. 
My students love that I do this and I would rather have books being
read than sitting on my shelves for 2 1/2 months. 
Of course their piles are nothing compared with what I take home over
the summer. I don't think I will ever be caught up on what I want to
read from my library!!!!!
Hope this helps some. Good luck!
We let underclassmen checkout as many books as they want.  No  
permission slips required.  Our town has no book stores and a pathetic 

public library with the tiniest ya section you have ever seen so we  
want them to take home books. I firmly believe in reducing barriers to 

access.  It's worth a few lost books.
Hi!  Small district - maybe 160 students in grades 7-12 (the group I
work with).  If they want books over the summer, I check them out - no
questions asked.  Usually get books back before summer is over, or on
first day.  So far, no problems. 
I'm the school librarian in a small town of 3000, with about 650
students in grades 5-12 on my campus.  About five years ago I let one of
my voracious readers check out a stack of books over the summer.  Word
spread quickly, and I now have quite a few students who take home
shopping bags full of books for the summer.  I've had a few that I had
to remind in the fall, but every book has been returned.  Our community
doesn't have a lot of people moving in and out, which helps.  I don't do
anything special, just make the due date about a week after school
starts.  Students will use the opportunity to re-read favorite series or
catch up on books that they're too busy to read during the school year,
as well as having books to read during long vacation drives.  It's been
very successful for us.
Marcy V. Sandberg
Library Media Specialist
Washburn Rural High School
5900 SW 61st Street
Topeka, KS  66619
785-339-4126 (fax) ( )

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